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Our Beers

  • Little Creatures

    Pale Ale


    We love our Pale Ale and throw bag loads of whole hop flowers into it throughout the brewing process. These hops, which we source from all over the world, provide intense citrus and stone fruit characters carefully balanced with speciality malts and a local pale malt. It’s a beer that's ultimately refreshing with a distinct bitterness that leaves the palate craving for more.

    Preservative and additive free, our Pale Ale is live-yeast conditioned for unmatched freshness and character.

    Pour it into a glass to enjoy it at its best!

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  • Little Creatures

    Bright Ale


    With origins starting at the birth of our brewery, born as a bright filtered ale (hence the thought process of the name) we blended a touch of ale inspiration from both the new and old worlds of brewing in crafting this beer. It may be a hybrid ale in origin but we like to think of it as the creation of a truly Australian style ale.

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    Once upon a time...

    not so long ago, we brewed a little beer called Bright Ale. Bright is a friendly, approachable yet flavoursome ale that won the hearts of many a beer drinker. However as with all things, Bright needs to grow and evolve...

    It remains the sessionable, balanced, just-gotta-crack-one-after-mowing-the-lawn-in-the-searing-sun beer you know and love, but with a few fresh, subtle changes...



    We don't have to tell you how we feel about hops... its love, straight up. We wanted Bright to be a tad hoppier, but not too bitter, so we've switched up the hop profile and included Liberty, Crystal, Summer and Pacifica. What we think we've achieved are some woody, green, floral notes with a bit of bite (but not too much...).


    The malt character remains subtle, to balance out the hops and keep things refreshing. We've thrown a bit of wheat in there to round out the mouth feel. You'll like it, we promise.



    It's bright and golden and bloody refreshing. Nothing new to see here.



    Yep, the label is different. We have gone back to that classic Little Creatures look and feel. We know you guys don't judge a book by its cover, so this won't worry you too much.

    All that's left is to wrap your tastebuds around it!

  • Little Creatures



    Brewing great beer is all about getting the balance right and deciding what beer to make as a new brewery is no different. In the name of balance, when we opened our brewery doors to visitors over ten years ago we created and poured our original pilsner alongside our ales.

    There’s something special about the classic pilsners of Europe and in recent times our Pilsner has edged closer to the North German (Friesland) Style. Typically hoppier and more bitter than it’s South German counterparts, this beer really delivers on flavour and hits your with a decent dose of earthy bitterness.

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  • Little Creatures

    Rogers Beer


    With this beer we salute two great men and legends of Australian brewing; Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell.

    With a nod to fine English Ales and a distinctive Little Creatures hop driven slant, Rogers' beer may be hard to classify but it's reassuringly easy to drink…

    Roasted toffee and caramel malt flavours, light citrus hop notes and a gentle bitterness define this unique, easy-drinking amber ale.

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  • Little Creatures



    For the past decade we have poured much of our passion into brewing the best Pale Ale possible and we now feel the time is right to give you a little more… 

    Sitting alongside our Pale Ale, the IPA will deliver the big, rugged hop flavours and the citrusy nose that you would expect. However you’ll also detect aniseed and savoury notes, balanced out with a long firm bitterness to finish.

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