About Our Brewery

We set up shop on the East Coast of this fine land so we can get the freshest beer up to Queensland and all the way down to our mates in Tassy. Oh, and so we can show the people of Geelong a damn good time.

We firmly believe that fresh is best when it comes to beer, and with a growing number of Hopheads residing on the east side of the country, we knew we needed to establish a new home away from home.

What we’ve put together in Geelong is a bit like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory… but for beer. A true brewery village experience, with a bustling Canteen, mysterious White Rabbit Barrel Hall and the colourful Mystery Lane. True to form, you can grab a fresh beer, a bite to eat inside or out and watch the brewers racing around doing their thing. You’ll stumble upon the Furphy Cinemas and Hops n Beats in the laneway during Summer, a wondrous Winter Wonderland transformation in July, and brilliant beer launches and mystery markets throughout the year.

Whether you’re after a relaxed lunch with a bunch of mates, a behind the scenes brewery tour, or a fancy function, we’ve got you sorted.

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