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Puffing Billy

Our latest Single Batch beer, Puffing Billy, a lavishly hopped rich, dark lager with a gentle hint of smoked malt is available now. In making this beer we thought we'd put together a little home video of our Puffing Billy brew day and how it all came together in our Freo brewhouse.

Modeled off the traditional Bocks of Germany but with a natural twist, we thought we would also challenge traditional with the addition of smoked malt… A subtle hint of Beech wood smoked malt, rounds out a rich dark lager with lasting, peat like characters on the finish, while a full load of hops throughout the brew ensures that this is a beer that is true to our hop loving style.

So… what’s in a name? Through the heavy accents of beer loving Bavarians, who took a great liking of the dark malty beer being brewed in the German town of Einbeck, the name of the town was mistaken as the German word for a Billy Goat – “ein bock”. With our addition of smoked malt, we couldn’t resist an ode to all those occasions where true meanings are lost in translation....

Update on 7 December 2012 – Our latest Single Batch beer Puffing Billy has been chugging around the country for the past couple of months and is just about out of steam... if you look extra hard you might be able to snap up the last few bottles, but our sources tell us that most of it has already been guzzled by thirsty hopheads.

Don’t worry if you missed out... we’re busy experimenting and tinkering away in the brewery, coming up with a couple of different ideas for the next one. If you want to get ahead of the game and hear about the next Single Batch before your mates, then become a hophead.



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